Use of Puppetry and Plays



This lesson discusses the importance of using puppetry and pretend play in the early child care setting. Included in this lesson are the definition of puppets and a brief history of puppetry throughout the world. The discussion identifies different types of puppets and puppet stages, and describes design ideas and construction methods. This lesson also presents ideas for sound and lighting, as well as a discussion of developing and implementing skits and plays that are appropriate for the preschool classroom.


RECALL the definition and purpose of puppets.

RECALL a brief history of the use of puppets.

IDENTIFY the importance of using puppets in an early child care setting.

IDENTIFY the importance of pretend play in an early child care setting.

IDENTIFY different types of puppets designed for preschool children.

RECALL methods for constructing puppets for preschool children.

RECALL ways to use puppets in classroom settings.

IDENTIFY techniques for handling puppets and making them “come alive.”

IDENTIFY different types of puppet stages.

RECALL ideas for puppet show sound and lighting.