The Value of Classroom Décor



This lesson defines the term teachable moment and identifies situations that can lead to teachable moments. It discusses classroom décor appropriate for preschoolers and how teachers can use it to support curriculum. Safety guidelines and cost-effective sources for classroom décor are also discussed.


DEFINE the term teachable moment.

IDENTIFY situations that can become teachable moments.

RECALL ways to use classroom décor to reinforce and develop preschooler skills.

RECALL types of classroom decorations and appropriate ways to use them to support curriculum topics.

RECALL ways classroom décor can be used to showcase children’s achievement.

RECALL ways classroom décor can be used for guiding behavior and motivation.

IDENTIFY age-appropriate classroom jobs for preschoolers and ways to implement a job chart.

RECALL safety guidelines for displaying classroom art in preschool classrooms.

RECALL methods for involving children in assembling and displaying classroom décor.

RECALL benefits of involving children in decorating the preschool classroom.

RECALL cost-effective sources for classroom décor supplies.