Teaching Preschool Math Using Manipulatives



This lesson provides background information about the NCTM and its role in regulating preschool mathematics education, as well as guidelines for what and how preschool children learn. In addition, the use of content and processing standards is identified, and techniques for using standards and principles are identified.


IDENTIFY Piaget’s stages of cognitive development in preschool children.

RECALL the role of manipulatives in emergent math skills.

RECALL the three stages children learn math concepts.

RECALL the role of technology in emergent math skills.

RECALL National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) preschool focal points/content standards.

IDENTIFY skills associated with NCTM’s preschool focal points/content standards.

RECALL NCTM preschool process standards.

RECALL considerations and strategies for using manipulatives in the classroom.

IDENTIFY math manipulative activities that support NCTM focal points/content standards and process standards.

RECALL assessment considerations in a preschool environment.

RECALL appropriate assessment techniques in a preschool environment.