Methods for Enhancing Intellectual Development



This lesson focuses on methods for enhancing intellectual growth in children. It discusses how a child’s brain grows and develops, how to motivate children to learn, creative play, creating a positive climate for learning, and effective teaching.


RECALL the effects of external stimuli on a developing brain.

RECALL how mental achievements contribute to social and emotional growth.

IDENTIFY actions that stimulate and encourage cognitive development.

RECALL techniques and strategies for motivating children to learn.

RECALL educational activities that can be used to stimulate intellectual development.

RECALL areas in which creativity helps children learn and grow.

IDENTIFY types of toys that help children develop intellectual and physical skills.

RECALL ways to prepare a classroom for learning.

RECALL strategies for encouraging positive behavior.

RECALL how to use praise effectively.

RECALL techniques for maintaining classroom discipline.

RECALL proactive strategies that can prevent class management problems.

RECALL characteristics of effective child care providers.

RECALL characteristics of a variety of teaching models.

RECALL developmentally appropriate teaching practices that encourage cognitive development.

RECALL criteria for evaluating effective teaching.

RECALL the child care provider’s role in preparing children for school.

IDENTIFY the three types of learning styles.