Law Enforcement



This content will discuss the role of the telecommunicator in law enforcement by identifying the hierarchy of different levels, agencies, titles, and chain of command. Included in this content will be important law enforcement terms and resources the telecommunicator will need to be comfortable with, the four basic principles of call-taking, as well as the elements of call classification including category, call type, priority levels, and expected time frames of law enforcement response. This content also presents practical application of law enforcement call types and essential questions a telecommunicator should ask by using the "5 Ws."


IDENTIFY appropriate law enforcement levels, agencies, and titles.

IDENTIFY chain of command within law enforcement.

RECALL important law enforcement terms and resources.

IDENTIFY basic principles of call taking.

IDENTIFY "W" questions for gathering law enforcement information.

IDENTIFY call classification elements including category, call type, priority, and time frame.

IDENTIFY law enforcement call types and how to apply the "W" questions.