Fire and Rescue



This content will focus on the telecommunicator’s role in fire and rescue situations. Each fire agency has its own protocols regarding communications and the duties and responsibilities of telecommunicators. Organizational policies and procedures will direct call classification and priority response based on the type of fire. The elements needed to create a fire will be discussed, as well as the classes of fires and how a telecommunicator will handle a call based on the class. Fire units have many components to be able to respond to a variety of situations. The equipment and main components of a fire and rescue unit will be discussed in this content.


RECALL facts relating to fire/rescue.

IDENTIFY the four elements required to create a fire.

IDENTIFY the different classes of fires.

RECALL the staff and organization structure of the fire unit.

IDENTIFY fire fighting equipment and specialty units.

RECALL proper call taking techniques and questions for fire/rescue.

IDENTIFY common fire/rescue call types.