Early Childhood Program Accreditation



This lesson discusses the accreditation process, accrediting organizations, and the benefits early childhood programs may expect from becoming accredited. It also discusses the impacts and effects accreditation and Quality Rating Systems (QRS) have on early childhood programs, youth and future development, and the communities in which we live.


RECALL the definition of accreditation.

RECALL the purpose of accreditation in early childhood programs.

IDENTIFY national accreditation organizations and their roles in early childhood programs.

IDENTIFY common goals of early childhood program accrediting organizations.

IDENTIFY common early childhood program accreditation standards.

IDENTIFY common steps in the early childhood education accreditation process.

IDENTIFY mistakes to avoid during the accreditation process.

IDENTIFY benefits of early childhood program accreditation to children, parents, child care professionals, and communities.

RECALL the value of accreditation.

RECALL the definition of Quality Rating Systems.

RECALL the purpose of Quality Rating Systems

IDENTIFY goals of Quality Rating Systems.