Assessing School-Age Children with Special Needs



This lesson describes the assessment process for identifying children with special needs and how to recognize the need for assessment. The need for family involvement and support and legislations that provide rights and services to children with special needs are also discussed.


RECALL what is involved in the identification process for children with special needs.

RECALL behaviors or actions that may indicate that a child should be assessed for special needs.

RECALL the steps involved in assessing a child with special needs.

RECALL characteristics of children with special needs.

DISTINGUISH between types of learning disabilities.

RECALL ways to involve parents in assessment and the benefits of family involvement.

RECALL reasons why parents may try to avoid having their children with special needs identified.

RECALL different types of assessments and assessment tools.

RECALL techniques used to assess children with special needs.

RECALL who can diagnose and what is required for diagnosis of children with special needs.

RECALL legislation that impacts special needs assessments.